Disastrous Consequences of Self-Medication

Buying drugs over the counter without consulting a physician can be dangerous. Taking medicines to treat ailments without diagnosis or recommendation from a certified physician can complicate a simple problem. Many people make assumptions when they fall ill depending on the symptoms that they have and opt for self-medication instead of seeking medical advice. Here are some of the disastrous consequences of self-medication that would have been avoided if you would have had the correct diagnosis.


Wrong diagnosis is the greatest threat to people who do self-medication. Some symptoms such as headaches, fever and cough may not be as a result of a specific infection. It is not wise to assume that these symptoms belong to a particular disease before going for check up. Taking the wrong medication may give time for the disease to manifest further and become very difficult to treat.

Severe reactions and side effects

Some drugs cause severe reactions to some people. Doctors usually prescribe drugs depending on your body tolerance to side effects and response. Buying drugs over the counter without having prior knowledge of any allergies or possible reactions can be risky. Reactions from some antibiotics like penicillin can have dire consequences and even be fatal.

Risk of organ failure

Most drugs that are commonly misused such as painkillers and analgesics can have detrimental effects on the body organs. Some of the effects include an increase in stomach acidity that may lead to the development of stomach ulcers. Overdose from such drugs can cause high blood pressure and increase the chances of cardiac arrest. Some of these drugs can cause kidney failure or incurable diseases that can be very difficult to handle.

Masking of a severe disease

Taking pain killers without finding the cause of the problem can be hazardous to your health. This is because pain killers deal with the symptom and not the main disease. Some people confuse pain relief with healing. Painkillers can deal with the symptoms and let the main disease manifest to extents that make the situation more complicated and difficult to reverse.

Apart from these disastrous consequences of self-medication, taking random medicines also exposes you to needless drugs and undesirable effects. This may cause you to be intolerant to treatment over time and make it difficult for you to respond to any medication. All these can be avoided only if people take time to visit a doctor and get the right diagnosis and medication