Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be defined as any pain that lasts for over three months. This type of pain is likely to trigger different emotions. If you can cope well, you are bound to enjoy life normally

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Buying drugs over the counter without consulting a physician can be dangerous. Taking medicines to treat ailments without diagnosis or recommendation from a certified physician can complicate a simple problem

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Though meditation is not so easy to master, with enough practice, perseverance, and patience, you can turn to be a virtuoso in meditation. Below are proven tips that any person seeking to meditate can find useful

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Self Confidence

Selecting the Right Vaginal Tightening Cream

A loose vagina can deny one the pleasure they need during sex. It lessens the grip needed to make you enjoy that moment. Several things can cause one to have a loose vagina. Ageing is one leading cause of such a condition. As one grows old, various body functions start becoming less efficient. In this case, the vaginal walls become weak due to old age, which makes the vulva loose. Pregnancy can also render your vulva loose. During childbirth, the vaginal walls stretch to give room for the baby to pass. That stretching can reduce the firmness of your organ.

Several procedures can help one’s vagina regain its firmness. Boost Your Body HQ have listed some of the best methods. Women are advised to engageAfter Birth Exercises in exercises that can help restore the tightness of their organs after childbirth. You can try Kegel exercises which can help strengthen the muscles around your pelvic area. One should be consistent in such practices for accurate results. There are herbal drugs one can use to help tighten their vaginal walls. They are said to be cheap and less harmful to your body. The other conventional method is the use of vaginal tightening cream. These creams are said to be fast in helping one regain their firmness. Those who want to use it for the first time should put a few things into consideration. They include:


You should look at the components contained in a particular vaginal tightening cream before making a purchase. These creams are said to contain various types of components. There are those that contain natural ingredients while others contain chemical ingredients. You should go for elements that are good for your body. The vagina is a sensitive body part, and using the wrong cream may bring about after-effects.

Seek advice

Vaginal Tightening CreamOne should seek help from their doctor on which is the best cream for their body. Your doctor will examine and let you know the right vaginal tightening gel for your body. He or she will give a prescription on the right ingredients for you. You can also research online on some of the best creams. Don’t forget to seek approval from friends you trust.

After effects

You should understand both the positive and negative effects that come with using the vaginal tightening gel. Understanding the after effects will help you make a decision on which is the best cream for your procedure. The ingredients they contain can guide you in understanding the results you may get after using them. Your doctor or cosmetologist can also brief you on some of their outcomes.


Alcoholism – The elephant in the room

Everyone reaches for the bottle of wine after a hard day’s work. Enjoying a single glass of red wine can have multiple health benefits. Additionally, some people like to enjoy a shot of high-quality bourbon or a bottle of beer – to the taste and experience.

However, when the bottle becomes a ‘helping hand’ for the individual to cope with the stress of everyday life – that’s the moment where things begin to fall into a downward spiral. This can have a far-reaching negative impact not only on the alcoholic’s health but also his social circle.

Here are some of the negative impacts of alcohol addiction.

Alcoholic liver disease

ghdgdd64The continuous and prolonged consumption of large amounts of alcohol directly damages the liver tissue and disrupts its function. The liver is the cleaning station of the body – it breaks down the harmful toxins which are then released by the kidneys. Liver scarring and fat accumulation occur as the liver tries to regenerate the damaged tissue – leading to a condition called fatty liver.

Cirrhosis is another disease which is characterized by liver dysfunction, the buildup of fluids in the abdomen and jaundice. The damage caused by cirrhosis while reversible – requires medical attention. Unfortunately, sometimes the liver can be damaged beyond its ability to regenerate, requiring a partial or total liver transplantation.

Traffic hazard

Alcohol is a relaxant psychotropic, which impairs alertness and slows down reaction time. Every year, thousands of people die as a consequence of driving under the influence of alcohol. DIU is considered a reckless disregard for human life, so if you are planning on having more than one drink on a Saturday night – make sure to leave your car at home, or have a sober designated driver.

Depression and suicide

Many people who are suffering from depression turn to alcohol as an emergency relief mechanism. Alcohol is also a depressant which stimulates the brains reward system. This, in turn, disrupts the normal neurotransmitter balance in the brain i.e., lowers the overall serotonin levels. After the initial feelings of euphoria and inebriation – feelings of profound hopelessness or sadness can occur as a result of the lack of serotonin. This, in turn, can worsen the symptoms of depression, which can eventually lead to suicide.

Poor impulse control

Alcoholics can become very irritable when experiencing withdrawal symptoms. This can lead to situations of spousal or child abuse, as well as create a highly volatile and chaotic environment for children to grow up in.

Exposure to physical, emotional or sexual family abuse can be very damaging to the child. In order to cope with the chaos, they develop maladaptive coping mechanisms, which vastly increases their chances of also becoming an alcoholic. This is why many health experts claim that alcohol is a generational and far-reaching problem.

Unreliable workers

As the alcoholism worsens, the alcoholic’s behavior can become erratic, unreliable and outright dangerous. This is especially true in jobs where alertness is an essential part of the job, such as transport, construction, surgery and many others.


It can become increasingly difficult for the alcoholic to hold down a job, which directly impacts his livelihood, which in turn makes him consume even more alcohol in order to cope with stress.

In summary

Alcoholism is an insidious addiction that destroys millions of lives worldwide. It can be successfully treated with a combined approach of medications and psychotherapy – to help the addict regain his dignity and once again become a productive member of society.

Ways To Cope With Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be defined as any pain that lasts for over three months. This type of pain is likely to trigger different emotions. If you can cope well, you are bound to enjoy life normally. If you are experiencing such a problem, you need to learn different methods and skills to cope with the problem. In this way, you can face each day with peace and joy.


Control your mindhjm2e6d26yd72ue8di92

You should note that the body and mind are connected. Thus, according to research, any time a person faces a circumstance in life, he or she should take charge of the mind to manage the situation completely. You should try as much as you can to turn your mind from disturbing situations or pain. Some of the techniques to help you include meditation, visualization, and relaxation. It is also advisable to take yoga lessons to learn different exercises.

Fun activities

These activities can help manage chronic pain. You should engage in activities that offer a lot of fun. Such activities include swimming, going for a vacation, watching movies, and hiking. In fact, even walking your dog can make your mind shift from the pain that keeps you sad. The good thing about these activities is that they make you feel good. This can boost your immunity and make the pain less severe. This boosts your ability to cope.


It does not matter whether it is mild pain or episodic or chronic, there is a broad range of exercises a person can engage. Ensure you involve or consult your doctor before embarking on some exercises. Exercise is proven to enhance smooth blood circulation to many parts of the body. This, in turn, triggers quick recovery. Moreover, it increases your energy levels and reduces stress.

Spiritual life

Knowhnwed6y2ed72u8edi922ing that there is a high power somewhere can be freeing. In fact, spiritual life frees you from pain, worries, fears, and other debilitating circumstances in life. You should take a moment to connect to your supreme being daily. This will strengthen your skills and hasten the healing process.

Take some few minutes daily to pray, visualize and read a word of God. You can also strengthen your spiritual life by joining different online groups and forums. They are great platforms to share and learn from experts and patients that have suffered from similar problems.

Embrace moment

It is a fact that life will always continue, and some situations are out of your control. However. It is possible to change one’s perception.

Disastrous Consequences of Self-Medication

Buying drugs over the counter without consulting a physician can be dangerous. Taking medicines to treat ailments without diagnosis or recommendation from a certified physician can complicate a simple problem. Many people make assumptions when they fall ill depending on the symptoms that they have and opt for self-medication instead of seeking medical advice. Here are some of the disastrous consequences of self-medication that would have been avoided if you would have had the correct diagnosis.


Wrong diagnosis is the greatest threat to people who do self-medication. Some symptoms such as headaches, fever and cough may not be as a result of a specific infection. It is not wise to assume that these symptoms belong to a particular disease before going for check up. Taking the wrong medication may give time for the disease to manifest further and become very difficult to treat.

Severe reactions and side effects

Some drugs cause severe reactions to some people. Doctors usually prescribe drugs depending on your body tolerance to side effects and response. Buying drugs over the counter without having prior knowledge of any allergies or possible reactions can be risky. Reactions from some antibiotics like penicillin can have dire consequences and even be fatal.

Risk of organ failure

Most drugs that are commonly misused such as painkillers and analgesics can have detrimental effects on the body organs. Some of the effects include an increase in stomach acidity that may lead to the development of stomach ulcers. Overdose from such drugs can cause high blood pressure and increase the chances of cardiac arrest. Some of these drugs can cause kidney failure or incurable diseases that can be very difficult to handle.

Masking of a severe disease

Taking pain killers without finding the cause of the problem can be hazardous to your health. This is because pain killers deal with the symptom and not the main disease. Some people confuse pain relief with healing. Painkillers can deal with the symptoms and let the main disease manifest to extents that make the situation more complicated and difficult to reverse.

Apart from these disastrous consequences of self-medication, taking random medicines also exposes you to needless drugs and undesirable effects. This may cause you to be intolerant to treatment over time and make it difficult for you to respond to any medication. All these can be avoided only if people take time to visit a doctor and get the right diagnosis and medication